Filling out the Questionnaire is very important!  This is what is used to determine compatibility scores for all your potential roommate matches!

From the home page, click on your Name, which appears above your Profile Photo. This will bring you to the Edit Profile screen. Next to this tab will be the "Questionnaire" tab. Clicking this tab will bring you to the Questionnaire.

Each Question has 2 sliders. Slider 1 (the top slider) is to identify approximately where you fall within the range. Slider 2 (the bottom slider), also known as the Comfort Zone, is for you to identify the range of answers that you are comfortable with in a roommate.

Step 1: Read each question and the associated Left and Right Extremes. Move the top slider to identify where in the range that you select for your answer to the question.

Step 2: Move the sliders in the Comfort Zone to identify an acceptable range for your Comfort Zone. Remember, this is the range of answers that are acceptable to you in a potential roommate. If you would like to be very picky, you can set a short comfort zone. If you are less picky about a certain question, your comfort zone may be wider. If you simply do not care how your roommate answers a specific question, you may click the “I don’t care” checkbox
Repeat this process for each question. When finished, click the “Save” button at the bottom of the questionnaire. You may return to your questionnaire and adjust your answers and comfort zones as often as you’d like, which will recalculate your match scores with other users as well as your Top Matches.