To send a Roommate Request:

You can send a Roommate Request in multiple ways:

1. Via the Home Page:  Within your lists of Matches, Friends, New, and Recently Viewed, you can send a Roommate Request simply by clicking the "Roommate Request" button next to each user.

2. Within a User's Profile:  Within a specific user's profile, you can add him/her as a Roommate simply by clicking the "Roommate Request" button within their profile.

Note: You must first be Friends with someone before being able to send them a Roommate Request.


Note:  The user will need to accept your Friend Request in order for you to be able to unlock Friendship privileges with that user.

Note: Some Universities restrict matching based on various criteria. Example: Honors students can only match with Honors students, Pre-Business with Pre-Business, etc. If the Roommate Request button is not visible for one of your friends, please check with your University as to the rules for matching.

The maximum Roommate Group size is dependent on your University.