If you're trying to log in for the first time, but the system isn't recognizing your login credentials, you may not have an account yet. 

Note: Students cannot create their own accounts. Student accounts are created by University or Building Staff once you have completed their criteria for entrance into My College Roomie. To learn about these criteria, please reach out to your University or Building Staff.

Once you complete this criteria, an administrator from your school or building will create your account in My College Roomie. You will not be able to log into MCR until this happens.

At this point, you'll get a welcome email with a temporary password, and some instructions to log in. You'll now be able to log in with your .edu email address and your temporary password. Short story - check with your university housing personnel first to make sure they have added you to the system.

If you still believe there is an error:

1. Check spam folders. Sometimes our emails get caught in Spam.

2. Reach out to your university or building Admin to find out the status of your account!

Other reasons you may not be able to Log in successfully:

Your institution utilizes a Single Sign On capability for your login to My College Roomie. This means, that in order to login to My College Roomie, you first must authenticate with your University.
When you navigate to your institution's My College Roomie page, you should:

1. Click the "University Login" button.
2. This will redirect you to your institution's Single Sign On Login page.
3. Login with your University login credentials.
4. Upon successful authentication, you will be redirected back into My College Roomie as a logged in user.

You should never use the Forgot My Password link within My College Roomie to attempt to have a new password sent to you by My College Roomie. Because you are authenticating through your institution's Single Sign On program, you do not have a My College Roomie password. Attempting to have a password reset by My College Roomie may result in future login issues, so please do not do this.
If you have forgotten your university login credentials, please use their method of resetting your password.